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R1CC Regional Resource Round-Up: August 9

As we settle into August and look ahead to the new school year, I hope you can find some time for a bit more rest and relaxation. To support all the great work that is happening in your states, we’ve curated our biweekly round-up of events and resources below.  

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R1CC Regional Resource Round-Up: July 26

Hard to believe we’ve nearly made it to August! We hope everyone is getting in some vacation time and enjoying the weather before school starts.

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Assessing Educator Preparedness in Massachusetts to Effectively Teach Early Literacy Instruction

To support its Literacy Strategic Plan, DESE requested that the Region 1 Comprehensive Center (R1CC) conduct a statewide needs assessment on educator preparation in K–3 literacy instruction. The needs assessment consisted of a review of early childhood and elementary certification course syllabi (EPP Core Course Review) to understand which programs are preparing and providing preservice teachers with opportunities to learn about and practice evidence-based reading and writing instruction.

State: Massachusetts

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Reimagining Education Series: Approaches for Assessing Student Learning

During the 2020–21 school year, educators in many districts and schools relied on alternative measures to assess student learning, in part due to the disruption of conventional assessment practices related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Region 1 states have a history of promoting innovative assessment strategies that are evidence-based, and which provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in more authentic ways than traditional assessments.

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R1CC Regional Resource Round-Up: June 30

It’s hard to believe, but summer is upon us! It is exciting to see the restaurants and stores opening in the region, and we are looking forward to more opportunities to see friends and family in person.

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Reimagining Education Series: Innovative College and Career Pathways to Advance Equity and Opportunity

Disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have introduced opportunities for PK–12 education systems to accelerate evidence-based innovations that may better prepare students to pursue their educational and career goals. By strengthening and introducing pathways—the programs and experiences students complete to satisfy graduation requirements—leading to high-demand careers and college enrollment, educators and policymakers can support students’ postsecondary ambitions.

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Reimagining Education Series: Strategies for Innovative Systems Change

Region 1 states—Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont—have been pioneering and piloting innovative practices in education for decades. As schools in New England and across the country return to more in-person schooling and plan for the future, educators and policymakers hope to apply what we’ve learned about education innovations before and during the pandemic. These innovations will help build an education system that better supports all students and can address the long-standing inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

State: Regional

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Mapping the Availability of Universal PreK in Vermont

At a time when the funding of prekindergarten (preK) programs across the country is declining, Vermont lawmakers and state agencies are looking to understand how to improve universal preK programming in the state. R1CC worked with Vermont to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) map that presents information about preK availability across Vermont—a visual way to dig into some of the questions that can inform strategies to improve availability. The map provides key information related to preK availability and need in Vermont.

State: Vermont

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New Hampshire Asks Stakeholders to Help Reshape the Future of School: 56,000 People Respond

In May 2020, the New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) asked stakeholders to complete a needs assessment survey to better understand statewide experiences with remote learning during spring 2020, and to hear from a broad range of perspectives on returning to school in the fall.

State: New Hampshire