District Pilot of Educator Workforce Tools - Current

Schools in Maine are experiencing teacher shortages and challenges with recruiting and retaining educators. From 2015-2018, 16% of new teachers with less than four years of experience have left teaching in Maine. In 2019, roughly 15% of experienced teachers and administrators responding to Maine Education Policy Research Institutes’ survey have “seriously considered” leaving the education profession. In 2018-2019, about 1 in 6 teachers was over the age of 60 compared to 1 in 50 in 1999. To identify appropriate strategies to address educator shortages, the Maine Department of Education (MDOE), local education agencies (LEAs), and educator preparation programs will need data to target the right strategies to the right places. 

R1CC is supporting MDOE in using an educator workforce data collection tool and guidance alongside school administrative units to (1) understand both local and state educator workforce needs and (2) inform educator talent management policy and strategies.