Education-to-Workforce Alignment

Region 1 is working with NHDOE and a New Hampshire cross-agency team to understand the current education-to-workforce landscape to improve access and increase students’ postsecondary and career readiness. In Year 1, Region 1 collaborated with NHDOE to facilitate stakeholder discussions and collect data to populate a geographic information system (GIS) map. The GIS map displays the distribution of existing resources statewide, allowing NHDOE to determine education-to-workforce priorities. The collaboration enables New Hampshire state agencies to access and use cross-agency data to design aligned policies that maximize resources. 

In Year 2, the R1CC team is supporting New Hampshire’s efforts to identify and address gaps between workforce needs and postsecondary preparation by utilizing data to drive decision making regarding future policies, supports, and resources. Efforts include updating New Hampshire’s GIS map to understand current recovery efforts and integrating data dashboards to improve usability of the maps; facilitating conversations between New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) and its partners to develop an action plan for further stakeholder engagement using the map; and creating communication collateral to support NH DOE outreach on what GIS is and how to use this tool to support COVID-19 pandemic recovery efforts.