Maine's Interdisciplinary Standards and Project-Based Learning - Complete

Maine's Interdisciplinary Standards and Project-Based Learning project supports Maine's Department of Education (ME DOE) in developing a technical assistance plan for integrating interdisciplinary learning across content standards. To date, R1CC has completed the following key milestones:

  • Conducted a document scan to identify Maine’s strategic goals and challenges, with respect to interdisciplinary learning.
  • Codeveloped a white paper with ME DOE to inform key stakeholder groups of the purpose of using interdisciplinary standards as a mechanism for achieving the state’s strategic goals.
  • Codeveloped a work plan with ME DOE for developing interdisciplinary standards, including the identification of required stakeholders for this work, the necessary review processes, and the standards approval process.

These activities are beginning to increase key stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of the benefits of interdisciplinary standards to the state’s strategic goals (human capacity).