Reinvigorating Visionary Leadership: Enhancing Collaborations and Input from the Field  - Complete

ME DOE’s strategic plan Includes a goal to establish strong relationships, ownership, and trust with educators and leaders in the field and to identify needs and priorities necessary for educational excellence. To meet this goal, the R1CC will convene a series of forums with educators from a variety of educational organizations in Maine, including principals, union leaders, curriculum leaders, and school counselors. These stakeholder conversations will assist the ME DOE understanding emerging needs in the field, promote stakeholder engagement, and inform data driven decision-making.

Through this project, the R1CC will support ME DOE leadership and educational leaders in Maine by: 1) Working with ME DOE to identify emerging topics that require the convening stakeholder groups; 2) Providing ongoing support for the planning and convening of forums focused on priority topics identified; 3) Supporting stakeholder engagement and needs assessment during the forums.; 4) Reviewing information from the sessions for themes, common issues and needs.