Supporting Districts in Selecting Evidence-Based Literacy Interventions - Current


The R1CC is collaboratively developing an online tool that supports school and district leaders in selecting high-quality literacy interventions that are both evidence-based and align with the needs of their local context.

The tool will draw on the evidence reviews of literacy interventions conducted by National Center on Intensive Intervention's (NCII) Academic Intervention Tools Chart, the National Center for Education Evaluation’s (NCEE) What Works Clearinghouse, and the Evidence for ESSA website. This tool will allow educators to identify interventions that match their students’ needs by filtering interventions based on characteristics of interest, including school context, student population, grade level, time to implement, and foundational skills developed, and other characteristics identified by DESE. 

In Year 3, R1CC and DESE will vet the intervention content with literacy experts, develop the online tool and accompanying user’s guide, pilot the tool and materials and finalize the resources based on the pilot. The tool will increase DESE’s and district leaders’ resource capacity by facilitating the selection of reading and literacy intervention as well as increase DESE’s and pilot participants’ human capacity by creating guidance on how to identify and compare key features of reading and literacy interventions to ensure the intervention targets the needs of the students it will support.