Supporting Maine’s Education Innovation and Improvement Through Rethinking K-12 Models Education Grant - Current

This project will continue the work that began in Years 1 and 2, supporting Maine Department of Education (ME DOE) with the implementation of their RREV grant. As the state supports districts with the implementation of the innovation grants, R1CC will co-develop a coaching framework to guide RREV district coaches tasked with supporting district innovation grant improvement. Activities include the co-design and implementation of a training for innovation coaches and guidance on ensuring equitable access to RREV opportunities for underserved schools and regions across Maine.

In Year 3, ME DOE and RREV leadership needed support to build the capacity of innovation coaches to understand, create, and use logic models and other tools to support innovative models to address persistent problems of practice in Maine schools and districts. R1CC and ME DOE facilitated meetings with ME DOE RREV grant staff and innovation leadership to co-design training materials that enhanced the resource and knowledge capacity of RREV and other innovation coaches to support local district innovation effort. Additionally, R1CC and ME DOE co-developed a process to help ensure equitable access to RREV opportunities for underserved schools and regions across Maine.

In Year 4, R1CC focused on sustaining the work support to date and developing a lessons learned memo that documents key lessons learned and practices that support the effective implementation of federal grants.

The Region 1 Comprehensive Center (R1CC) is working with the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) to promote a culture of innovation, equity, and excellence within MDOE and across districts in the state through technical assistance activities aligned with the Rethinking K-12 Education Models Grant: Rethinking Responsive Education Ventures (RREV). In Year 5, R1CC will support the development of lessons learned to share the work of the RREV grants and create resources to support sustaining and scaling of those innovation approaches.

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