Supporting Maine’s Education Innovation and Improvement Through Rethinking K-12 Models Education Grant

Our partners in Maine continue to focus in Year 2 on fostering a culture of educational innovation and building state capacity to address persistent educational challenges with new ways of thinking. The Region 1 Comprehensive Center (R1CC) team is supporting Maine’s efforts to promote innovation in remote learning through the Rethinking K–12 Education Models (RREV) grant process. This will include assisting the Maine Department of Education (ME DOE) leadership in establishing structures and supports for the implementation of the Rethinking K–12 Education Models Grant through supporting the development of the district innovation pilot application and innovation course criteria for Maine’s institutes of higher education; designing a communication plan and resources to promote awareness of RREV grant application requirements; collaboratively developing a webinar series to deepen understanding of the evidence-based RREV grant components; and supporting ME DOE to create a plan to support districts in selecting innovation models based on their specific problem of practice, data, student population, capacity, and goals.