Post-COVID Return to School District Support - Complete

In Year 1, this project centered on the collaborative development and analysis of four stakeholder needs assessment surveys, which resulted in 56,000 responses over the 5 days that the survey was open. In addition to the survey, R1CC facilitated 18 state-led workgroup meetings to develop the surveys, interpret the survey data, and develop draft recommendations for reopening schools. Once the recommendations were shared publicly, R1CC continued to provide support to the New Hampshire DOE in understanding how district return to school plans aligned with the state recommendations and to identify areas where schools could use additional support.

In Year 2,the R1CC team is building the human resource capacity of self-selected districts to re-envision education utilizing lessons learned from remote learning. This work includes establishing data collection protocols and procedures to begin collecting data that will allow leaders to understand the effectiveness of remote and hybrid learning on student learning; surveying key stakeholders to explore their perceptions on remote and hybrid learning, including areas of strength and opportunities for growth; and developing a library of evidence-based practices for remote and hybrid learning. The R1CC team will also support NH DOE in understanding the impact of remote and hybrid learning models on student learning outcomes by analyzing data to better understand the implications of the spring 2020 disruptions on student learning. The team will then facilitate conversations with NH DOE to codevelop a technical assistance plan to respond to the needs presented in the data.

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